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How to Review Surveillance Videos: what to look for, organizing data, case and issue-specific tips and Excel worksheet

Using Subpoenaed Records in Structured Settlements and Social Security Cases: Interviews with Experts

Effective Use of Declarations

December Issue / 2005

In this issue, we explore a new method for determining permanent disability under
revised Labor Code §4660. We also help you organize and review subpoenaed
records in workers' compensation cases.

Proving Permanent Disability Under New
Labor Code §4660:
Interview with Tom Martin, Esq.

Determining Diminished Earning Capacity in the
California Workers' Compensation Program:

The "SEDEC" Method: Robert Hall, Ph.D., CRC, CDMS

The Subpoenaed Records Are Here–
What Do You Do With Them?

Plus, Excel Organizers

People Who Made a Difference:
Interview with Jettie Pierce Selvig, Esq.

A Defense Attorney's Take on
the New Law:
Interview with
John Parente, Esq.

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