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compliation of notable cases

  • Terry Scudder vs Verizon California
  • Scudder case analysis and strategy
  • Elayne Valdez vs warehouse demo services
  • Current MPN Regulations
  • Valdez Decision
  • Valdez decision white paper
  • Ogilvie Significant Panel Decisions
  • Shini vs Pacific Coast Auto Body
  • Bowden vs Sunray Termite Control
  • Noriega-Garcia vs Patrick L. Hinrichsen
  • Ogilvie decision (En Banc) Sept 2009 (Brief template in word)
  • Sample Trial Brief
  • Check List of Considerations
  • Ogilvie Worksheet for Vocational Expert
  • Francisco Martinez-Reyes vs Solamar Farms, related to Duncan and XYZZX, deals
  •      with commuting the attorney fee with COLA.
  • Duncan Case November 2009 regarding COLA start date
  • Almaraz decision (En Banc) Sept 2009
  • Smith v WCAB
  • Almaraz/Guzman
  • Ogilvie
  • XYZZX v. SIF - how to calculate the present value of a life pension case and attorney
  •      fees using COLA
  • Tapia vs Skill Master Staffing
  • Knight
  • Wilkenson vs Ontario Neon Company
  • Benson/Wilkenson 1st DCS
  • Benson/Wilkenson WCAB
  • Martin
  • Costa (all links)
  • Costa v Hardy Diagnostic
  • Costa v Hardy Diagnostic 2
  • Costa v Hardy Diagnostic 3
  • Costa v Hardy Diagnostic 4
  • DIR website of panel and en banc decisions
  • Kunz vs Patterson Floor Coverings